Friday, July 11, 2008

Regaining Customer’s Trust

What does it take for a consumer to regain trust in a business even after the worst has happened? The answer is exceptional customer service. In the service industry, the way you treat your customers are crucial. Researching the web, I came across this post on The Customer Service Helper which lists 7 things you must do to restore customer confidence after things go wrong. Here’s a recap:

  1. Courtesy. Whether on the phone or in person, politeness goes a long way. Make sure that all customer service representatives interact with customers with the utmost respect so that customers will experience more satisfaction.
  2. Apology. After a bad experience or service failure for example, always apologize to the customer. Apologizing conveys politeness and empathy which will restore customer confidence.
  3. Justification. Provide an explanation of why things went wrong. Even when problems are solved, most customers want to know why the problem existed in the first place. This process helps re-establish trust.
  4. Resolution. Resolve the customer’s issue. When problems aren’t fixed, customers are left hanging, and so they begin to lose trust in the organization.
  5. Immediateness. The time it takes to resolve the problem also impacts customer loyalty. Improve on speedy responses and recoveries, and you’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction.
  6. Compensation. After a bad experience or service failure, giving discounts, refunds, free merchandise, and coupons is a good way to restore the balance in customer experience.
  7. Surprise & Delight. Go beyond the problem resolution and provide personalized service. Customers will always remember a good customer service experience.

Following these 7 golden rules and you will surely see an increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and confidence!

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