Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NACCM 2010: Connecting With Customers and Measuring Results

Presented by Tom Zimmerman, GE Healthcare, NACCM 2010

"Customer Experience” starts with Marketing, not after Sales.

For GE Healthcare, excellent service means that customers are more likely to buy another $1M piece of equipment. Service and Customer Experience has to start with the Marketing and Sales process.

Marketers often want to get information from prospects, but you have to give something back first before the customer is ready to give more. Classic lead-generation criteria include Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing, but the customer may just want to speak with someone to get more information. So starting with a definition of “sales ready” leads then brought them to defining what needed to be developed.

Starting with content first, every page has a “Contact Us” area that allows the customer to engage if they are ready. Make sure that the organization is ready and able to follow-up when the customer request live contact.

Metrics are where it’s at: GE Healthcare can see the amount of spend on each campaign, and how it’s generated incremental revenue through the funnel. Since each touch has a campaign ID, they can now track the movement of the prospect through the marketing funnel, ultimately up to a sales-ready lead and establishing the value of the opportunity.

Every part of the organization brings a different perspective to the customer experience. It usually takes all perspectives to get to the optimal experience, so engage those different points of view around the organization to meet the company goals.

[This post provided by Steve Bernstein of Waypoint Group, and cross-posted on the Customer Insight = Revenue blog]

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