Monday, October 25, 2010

NACCM 2010: Maritz Research Explores the Next Generation of CEI/I Methods

Presenter: D. Randall Brandt, MARITZ RESEARCH

Maritz found that the voice of the customer is getting lost, because:
-All listen and no action
-Siloed and uninsightful
-Ad-hoc and unresponsive
-Costly and time consuming

Maritz has found:
-Customers want more flexibility, control, simplicity, reciprocity, and transparency
-Martiz customer service survey found that 68% of companies feel that their organizations are not doing very well at integrating customer feedback to how they are treating their customers
-VoC action – many companies feel that it is not a priority
-Front line managers want more information on their location and customers, not just an overall summary of the brand, they would like to be more involved

How can we fix all of these issues going forward?
-Look at report from Bruce Temkin, Voice of the Customer: The Next Generation
-Text and speech data are going to be filling in the blanks to the regular customer experience
-Integration between social media and traditional methods will become key

Changes for Voice of the Customer:
-Make it more friendly for customers to use
-VOC integration
-Connect VOC data to other data – linkage analysis
-Translate VOC into action

What does customer centricity look like?
-They tell their story, less “painful” than they typically have been in the past
-We’re going to have to go to where they provide their feedback freely: The Social Web (Twitter, YouTube, Yelp), as well as frontline employee feedback, inbound customer calls. Then integrate the data into one source and analyze it in one place.

VOC capturing that worked in the past will not work in the future. They need to be more agile, flexible and timely.

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