Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NACCM 2010: AutoTrader.com Drives Sales, Retains Business, and Shapes Key Company Objectives with Their Client Loyalty Program

Presenter: Joe Richards, AUTOTRADER.COM

Autotrader created a customer satisfaction program for their customers in 2005. Through this, over 40,000 customers are surveyed a year. The 16% completion rate. The goal is for the findings from this program to be intergraded into the business.

They’ve created an actionable customer service program that surveys:
1) Newly acquired customers – with the company for 2 months
2) Ongoing customers – twice a year to understand retention
3) Canceled customers – Understand retention and formulate win back strategies

Conclusions: Measure satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle, as it often changes. Move beyond measuring satisfaction. Integrate customer satisfaction results into the organization, it must be a part of the business. Link satisfaction data to others, like profitability, to really understand how it affects the bottom line.

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