Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NACCM 2010: The Power of Customer Advocacy in Business-to-Business Markets – Market Probe’s Research Approach to Leveraging the Power of Word-of-Mouth

Presented by: Michael Lowenstein, MARKET PROBE

Customer retention is important, but the name of the game is how you use touchpoints and experiences to cross sell and upsell.

Touch points and methods that individuals have a standing contact. That will create the positive relationships and outcomes you’re looking for. We currently focus on what monetizes. Advocacy focuses on this. It is critical to this is on/offline word of mouth.

Advocates will do your marketing for you. Leverage the people who already love your brand. Word of mouth is a factor that can’t be looked beyond. Loyalty is a passive state. What do people trust? Word of mouth is a source for making business decisions. Individuals don’t trust organizations and what they have to say. People believe they can trust other people. It doesn’t matter where word of mouth comes from, but what companies have to pay attention to that information says.

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