Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NACCM 2010: The Organizational Impact of Real-Time Customer Feedback

Presented by: Matthew Bowman, ALLEGIANCE

Real-time customer feedback: Contrasting real time feed back against laitency issues that are common with customer feedback reports. The internet and social media are providing customers with new expectations. Social Media has conditioned most US consumers to expect to be able to give feedback. SmartPhones allow customers to comment on the spot, or on the way to the car after they’ve had a bad customer experience.

The biggest growing demographic on social media is women ages 35-55. They’re also the largest purchasing demographic. The pure amount of data now available is providing customer feedback is causing companies to have to take notice. American Express finding – 61% of Americans will pay a premium of 9% for better customer experience.

Text analytics tools can help pull in feedback and analyze it when it comes to complaints on the internet. These can allow you to quantify all of the feedback, not just “positive” feedback and “negative” feedback.

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