Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NACCM 2010: CVS Caremark Engages Colleagues in their Mission, Vision, and Values

Presented by: Candy Clay & Tracy Fields, CVS CAREMARK

CVS Call Centers focus more on PBM Members. This is unique because their employer has provided the benefit. The users of PBM are captive audiences, as their contracts connect them to CVS. They look at the client and the users of the products and services (the client’s employees).

Why is CVS different? They focus on their hiring profile. Seasonality is a major focus in their call center customer care, as health insurance is a usually renewed at these times. They’ve put in place a reserves system. They need their workers to make an emotional connection with their customers. In training, they begin with the call centers. They like to hire people who can connect with their parents, I.E. those who have cared for individuals before: healthcare workers, parents, work in the class room, etc.

Training is a key to educating their employees at CVS. They are educated in a classroom for two weeks, then to the call center, and back to the classroom. This is an evolving model to stay in-tuned with the customer.

The Voice of Your Customer must come through the Voice of your Employees. Continuing from this morning's Stew Leonard's session: For a customer, it can’t be a great place to shop/work with unless the employees are happy.

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