Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NACCM 2010: Xerox Puts the Customer at the Core of Their Strategy

Presented by: Jared K. Hardie, XEROX CORPORATION

It’s all about teamwork. Nothing can be done alone. Customer contact and care is circular at Xerox. Interaction with the customer is discussed frequently at Xerox. Contact frequency is important, they share with their sales team how often they should be connecting with their customers. This includes social media, Xerox is still working, but they’ve come a long way in incorporating blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other tools.

There should be standards for customer service set, expected behaviors for your employees as to how they treat their client. The employees also need to be held to those standards. Hardie can be pulled out of a meeting at any time to deal with a client issue, as they are the most import ones for a company. Employees must see and understand how they are to treat customers at all times.

Hardie states a customer who I likely to recommend a company represents 2 ½ times revenue than one who does not. This goes up as the customer has successfully resolved issues.

Have a clear resolution service, has a closed loop to resolve the customer’s issues. There must be a consistent theme of the top priority is the customer across the organization. Team work is very important.

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