Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NACCM 2010: "Breakfast of Champions" Outdoor Roundtables

Roundtable: Gina Debogovich, BEST BUY

Best Buy’s social strategy has really taken flight over the past three years. Here are a few of the key points from her roundtable:
  • -Her team creates videos on a biweekly basis. It is all done in house by her employees. They produce videos that often see the highest call volumes and questions to their call center, which often reduces their incoming calls.
  • -Through all of their platforms, they continue to engage with their customers and answer customer service questions first.
  • -With all of their social media platforms, they have to cater the voice that is used on the platform. Messaging and conversations aren’t’ the same from Facebook to Twitter to their online message boards.

Best Buy’s Social Media policy can be found at

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